At Northern Focus Optical, we work hard to incorporate sustainability into our business practices at every opportunity. In addition to using recycled paper products in our office, and recycled packaging materials for shipping, we are also committed to giving new life to old microscopes and other laboratory equipment via our Equipment Recycling Program.

We accept old equipment donations, give credit, or sometimes purchase obsolete and/or non-serviceable microscopes and recycle them in a manner that is appropriate for their condition. Some are destined for new life as refurbished instruments. Others provide parts that that help extend the serviceable lives of other older microscopes. Any equipment that is beyond repair, or is leftover after functional parts are removed is taken to the salvage yard so that it can be further recycled. Nothing goes into the landfill.

This is just another way that we are trying to lighten our company’s footprint, and yours as well. Please contact us if you have equipment that you would like to recycle in this way.