Since 2003, the folks at Northern Focus Optical have been providing its customers within Alaska, Montana, northern Wyoming, and select remote facilities with expert microscopy service & repair. Since 2007, Jim Janoso, Northern Focus Optical’s Sales & Service Manager, has also been the microscope service technician for the U.S. Antarctic Program. References are available from within university and hospital systems, geophysical institutions, federal & state government laboratories, military bases, and private industry research laboratories.

The following table gives a detailed description of what customers can expect from our preventive maintenance service.

Repair services are also available for issues beyond normal preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance and repair services are available for centrifuges, autoclaves, cryostats, microtomes, and slit lamps as well.

Please contact us for a service quote.

  Basic Compound & Stereo Adv Clinical Compound Adv Clinical Stereo Adv Biological Research Compound Adv Biological Research Stereo Adv Industrial Compound Adv Industrial Stereo Adv Geological Compound Adv Geological Stereo Adv Petrographic Compound Adv Petrographic Stereo
Evaluate pre-service functionality & identify existing issues
Disassemble unit into major components
Clean all external optical surfaces
Clean & lubricate major components
Inspect electrical systems
Inspect illumination systems
Clean major components & surfaces


Lubricate and functionally check diopter adjustment and functionality of focusable eyepieces
Remove, clean, and reinstall any reticles
Remove and clean any internal lens debris and/or occlusions


Internally clean prism surfaces
Clean and lubricate eyepiece tubes with adjustment
Clean and lubricate any trinocular prism sliding mechanisms
Check & adjust collimation of left & right eyetube optical pathways
Check the conscopic & orthoscopic components. Clean, align & test all to standardized sample.
Machine Vision optimization with UV or InfraRed systems


Clean, lubricate, and adjust objective nose turret
Clean internal transmitted light train components including all mirrors, diffusers, filters, and field stops
Check and functionally test transmitted light illumination system
Clean, align, and lubricate mechanical stage
Lubricate and adjust sub-stage condenser mount
Lubricate internal focus drive components
Adjust focus tension controls
Set stage height and adjustment stops
Disinfect stage & stage specimen holder
Test & adjust external stand light sources
Check and service functionality of external illumination systems
Test & align all polarizers & compensators
Collimate transmitted light train
Check function of all rotary stage components
Clean & align both transmitted & reflected polarizers & compensators
Collimate & center rotary stage
Clean, lubricate & test all point counting equipment
Check & clean all rotary compensators & analyzers
Collimate the reflected light train & all related components in light train
Clean & check all rotary stage point counters
Clean & check all reflected light incident & reflected light polarizing equipment
Optimize any relief contrast, darkfield, or diascopic stand equipment where applicable


Remove objectives and clean optical surfaces
Inspect frontal lens surfaces for scratches, cracks, and lens seal failures
Clean rear focal lens
Test retractable lens functionality
Test function of integral correction collars and iris apertures
Optimize parfocality of the objective suite
Clean, lubricate, and align pancrat/zoom body system
Center all objectives to stage rotation center
Calibrate to NIST Standard Traceable Scaling when required


Disassemble condenser and clean, inspect, and align upper and lower lens elements
Functionally check and clean iris aperture
Set condenser to Kohler illumination principles
Clean, lubricate, and align swing-in style upper condenser lenses
On condensers with applicable turret style: clean, lubricate, and align all condenser stops
Optimize fluorescence, DIC, phase & Hoffman modulation contrast methods where applicable