Phone Skope: Smartphone/Microscope Camera Adapter



Digital photomicroscopy for under $100!

If you have ever been discouraged by the high price of digital microscope cameras for your classroom, lab, or research, here is an inexpensive solution that utilizes technology already in your pocket. Take pictures with your smartphone–quickly, easily, and cheaply. The Phone Skope adapter allows your smartphone to be mounted quickly on to the eyepiece of most microscope models. Specimen photographs can then instantly be shared via email and/or social networks without the baggage of the additional computer system that most microscopy cameras require. When you are finished taking your picture, your phone easily slides back out of the adapter.

The Phone Skope adapter is also available for tablet computers and iPod/MP3 players. Please contact us with your phone or device model and we will make sure that you get the right adapter for your needs.

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